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Carbon Gardener: Carbon Removal via Rock Dust

Carbon Drawdown in New York, US
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Method of Carbon Dioxide Removal/Storage

Mineralization / Enhanced Weathering

Project Potential

Project Description

Carbon Gardener is a citizen-science approach to advance the science and awareness of enhanced weathering - a powerful land-based carbon removal technology.
  • The project will provide community gardens with rock dust materials (a natural enhanced weathering method) and research trainings.
  • By partnering with local high schools, they will also educate communities on the science behind enhanced weathering as a climate solution.  

How will Carbon Gardener Achieve its Goals?

  • Carbon Gardener will work with a distributed network of partner schools and citizen scientists. They will provide the necessary supplies and trainings for the experiments.
  • The participants will apply powdered basalt (rock dust) to garden beds and measure the carbon dioxide sequestration.
  • The results will be disseminated in an entirely open-sourced platform for use by non-profit, commercial, and academic enhanced weathering projects.

How will your contributions help Carbon Gardener?

Carbon Gardener is seeking funds for equipment to create the rock dust kits.

Additionally, the project requires staffing and training for the experimentation.

  • $2,000 for the rock dust supplies and shipping
  • $8,000 for the dissemination of the results to commercial, non-profit, and academic entities
Note: 100% of funds raised will go towards the project and fulfilling the art, as DrawDAO is a fully volunteer-run organization. Additionally, donors will receive direct updates from Dr. Boudinot over the course of the project as progress is made. Donations are tax deductible.

Our Art Partners

Art for this campaign has been generously donated by 6 different artists from across the globe - donors will receive a download and/or print depending on the donation amount. all-6-drawdao-art

The Carbon Gardener Team

Direct Contact Information

Dr. Boudinot:

Project Application Vetted By

All DrawDAO projects are rigorously vetted by a volunteer panel of scientists and climate researchers. We thank again the group below who was so generous in giving their time to review the CarbonGardener application, amongst many others. To read Carbon Gardener's full project application, visit here.

Silvan Aeschlimann, Research Consultant

Cara Nichole Maesano, Research Scientist

Emily Lacroix, PhD, Soil Science

August 15, 2022

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Carbon Gardener

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