Common Questions

How do you plan to fund CDRS Projects?

This platform is used by early-stage CDRS (carbon removal and sequestration) projects to raise funds through crowdfunding campaigns and the auction/sale of digital art. Contributors can support projects with fiat currency.

Where does my donation money go?

100% of the money raised goes towards the project being funded until the campaign goal is reached. After the campaign goal is reached, small contributions to the artists will be made to compensate them for their commissioned art. DrawDAO is a registered 501(c)(3) underneath the Tree Media Foundation.

How do you select the projects to contribute to?

Project applications will be vetted by a panel of leading CDR and Climate scientists on a rolling basis. Criteria includes but is not limited to:

• Additionality
• Timeline & Permanence
• Externalities & Ecosystem Risks
• Learning Curve & Costs
• Team

How are the artists involved with the campaigns?

The offering of artwork in return for campaign donations is central to the DrawDAO mission. Artists we’ve selected to work with are often times from frontline communities – those most affected by climate change.

The artists produce a single illustrative piece of digital artwork that rewards donors for their contributions. Donors who donate a certain amount (different for each campaign) will receive a physical print of the artwork, mailed directly to them.

What is behind the name DrawDAO?

A DAO is just a decentralized organization, meaning there is no formal hierarchy. Our name also alludes to the open-source nature of the projects we back — the projects that we promote and that end up succeeding are done so in a self-selecting way.