For each DrawDAO campaign, donors will receive a piece of original artwork from one of the artists listed below. Each campaign will include multiple releases of artwork over the course of the campaign that will be offered as downloads and/or physical prints to donors as a reward.

Thank you to all the artists below who have made these campaign rewards possible.


Joelyn Dalit

Joelyn Dalit is a New York based designer and artist currently working as an Art Director. His work ranges across a multitude of mediums such as painting, design, sculpture and photography. He received his B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Hawai’i Mânoa in 2016 and since then has specialized in a number of commercial disciplines such as brand design, strategy, short-form film, creative direction, and experiential design, providing a full array of creative services for clients across the globe.

Initially working in editorial and journalism, eventually led to his transition into marketing, printing and digital design. Shortly after college, he placed top 10 among the nation for Newspaper Design of the Year by the Associated College press (2016), received a Pinnacle Award by the College Media Association placing 2nd place overall for Best Weekly Editorial (2016), and was awarded an AIGA 5-0 Design Award in 2017. His photography has also been featured in editorials such as Instyle magazine and Lead Art Magazine.


Kenny Vaden

Kenny’s code-based artworks capture the beauty, turbulence, and horror of our times. Experience with other mediums (photography, drawing, and stained glass) provided him with contours for the algorithms he writes, which generate colorful and abstract expressions. His artistic process involves composing new code for each work in the R Statistics Language to set up a “blank canvas”. Kenny iteratively writes code, executes the system, and then views the image results. Each algorithm can generate high-resolution images for fine art prints and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Prior to writing algorithm-based art, his art experience included drawing, painting, stained glass apprenticeships, as well as nature photography. His artworks have been selected for the permanent art collection at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) where he is a faculty member (2016), the juried annual art publication MUSC Humanitas (20152016202020212022), Courtenay Street Art Gallery (2012), and Piccolo Spoleto Annual Juried Art Exhibition (2012, 2022).


Silvana P. Duncan

Silvana Pacheco Duncan is a Barcelona based multi-disciplinary illustrator and graphic designer from Colombia. Her work ranges from editorial illustration and book covers to pattern illustration, stationary, packaging design and visual identity design.

In her artwork she likes to experiment with different techniques, moving from analog to digital, always aiming to create minimalistic, concept-driven images. With her artworks she aims to portray the beauty of life as well as to reflect on important issues like climate change, mental health and social equity.

ed dingli

Ed Dingli

Ed Dingli is an illustrator & designer whose work is driven by socio-political, cultural & environmental subjects. He feels driven to respond to worldly injustices with vibrant visuals that aim to connect with, support or inspire viewers. His style is continually developing as he is actively experimenting with form and technique, using different methods of printmaking and exploring both analogue and digital processes. 

Following graduation from Malta’s Institute of Art & Design, Ed moved to the UK to continue his studies in graphic communication at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), where he culminated his studies with a thesis on social responsibility & impact-driven design. Following this, Ed worked for London based creative studio Nice and Serious, where he worked on creative campaigns for the United Nations Development Program and Refugee Action among others. More recently, Ed moved to Portugal where he works as a freelance illustrator with a focus on creating impactful visuals for causes including human rights, freedom of expression, climate action and environmental regeneration.

Julija Peciukeviciute

Julija Peciukeviciute 

Julija is a Lithuanian Artist and Illustrator currently based in the Philippines. She graduated as a Psychologist and started her life as an artist in 2017. Her works approach social issues and subjects that she cares about from an alternative perspective.

Her work is minimal, colorful and has vintage accents while maintaining contemporary aesthetics. When in need of inspiration, she knows where to look – nature and traveling. It always works! If you combine everything together, you get amazing stories.

Julija’s goal as an illustrator is to create artwork that catches your eye while challenging you to rethink your worldview.


Tri Ahmet 

Tri Ahmad Djabalul Lael (Tri Ahmet) is an Indonesian multi-disciplinary designer who is inspired by cultural, environmental, and climate action and is currently based in Türkiye for his studies in Special Education Teaching. He is passionate about design and art with vibrant colors and unique ideas. His work ranges from poster design, layout design, editorial illustration, storybook, and visual identity design.

He’s been discovering more ways of creative expression such as illustration, digital art, collage, graphic design, fine art, and photography. He is actively expanding forms of creative experimentation through analog and digital processes to create contemporary visual art aesthetically.