About Us

Our Mission

DrawDAO is on a mission to support a new era of carbon drawdown. Specifically natural and low capital projects with pathways to gigaton scale removal.  

Every projection on how to get to net zero requires carbon to be removed on top of reducing emissions.

Climate scientists are actively working on natural paths for carbon removals, but lack the proper fundings and shared knowledge to scale their efforts. Results for each of our projects will be shared with additional scientists, academic communities, and donors to expedite learnings.

Many citizens feel hopeless that they can make an impact on climate change. DrawDAO’s approach of using donor funds to back scientist-vetted, nature-based carbon removal projects gives the average citizen a direct pathway to help reverse climate change.

Core Volunteers

Thank you to all of our core volunteers who helped bring DrawDAO into existence. DrawDAO is a registered 501(c)(3) operating under the Tree Media Foundation.


Charles Van Tassel

Charles is a climate change mitigation professional with deep knowledge in carbon dioxide removal & storage, carbon-free energy, carbon accounting, and sustainability. He has experience building organizations and initiatives from the ground up and regularly contributes to thought leadership groups in the industry. By contributing to DrawDAO, he hopes to bring CDRS into the mainstream as an important piece of the climate puzzle, and to encourage everyone to participate however they can.


Leila Conners

Leila is a filmmaker and activist, having filmed over 100 media projects. She’s collaborated with global institutions, organizations and media companies, among them NASA, the United Nations, the Scripps Institute for Oceanography, HBO, the Smithsonian, and Harvard University. Leila’s most recent film, Ice on Fire for HBO with Leonardo DiCaprio, premiered in Cannes 2019.  Leila is often invited to speak on issues of sustainability and the environment and has served on panels nationally and internationally.


Matthew Sniff

Matthew is a technology entrepreneur and investor who started his career as a software engineer at The Climate Corp. He holds a degree in Geology from William & Mary and is passionate about using technology to help the climate crisis.


Natalie Marcotullio

Natalie is a digital marketing professional and climate enthusiast. She holds a degree in art and entrepreneurship from William & Mary where she explored ways technology can help make climate action more accessible to the masses.

Core Contributors

Thank you to all of our partners and scientists who helped contribute to making this project a reality.


Open Air Collective

OpenAir is a distributed, entirely volunteer-led network that aims to creatively capitalize on these opportunities to advance, accelerate and co-invent carbon dioxide removal (CDR) in the real world through collaborative advocacy, and research & development missions.

Tree Media Foundation

Tree has worked to identify pathways to a world we all want to live in and have helped build movements, initiatives and media to support that intention and direction. Tree has been working for more than 20 years on projects that examine the environment, consciousness, human development and global transformation.

Emily Lacroix

Dr. Emily Lacroix

Emily holds her Ph.D. from Stanford University where she studies how anoxic micro-sites, and their importance as a soil carbon protection mechanism, vary across landscapes and scales.

Thank You’s

Thank you to Silvan Aeschlimann from the Rocky Mountain Institute for his scientific advice and guidance.